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  • What are the displays made from?
    The displays are made from recycled consumer waste ABS material. This allows them to have superior strength while also making them 100% recyclable at end of life.
  • How are the displays sustainable if they are made from plastic?
    There is a misconception that plastic is not a sustainable material, but the reality is, it's one of the most recylable materials available. The Xine 360® displays are reusable items and therefore significantly more sustainable than single use alternatives. Over years of use, you will be able to achieve over 90% reduction in waste material, energy usage and carbon production making them the most sustainable option in the market.
  • If the displays are made from plastic, how strong are they?
    The displays have been designed to hold more weight than any temporary alternative and are manufactured in an extremely strong plastic called ABS which is used to produce products such as power tool casings and protective equipment . Whether you're merchandising beverages through to consumer products, the displays are more than strong enough to hold any of your products.
  • Can the displays be configured to suit different products?
    Yes! The displays have been designed to be extremely versatile and can be assembled in endless configurations to ensure they can hold products of any shape, size and weight. Be it hang-sell product that require hooks, shelf stable products or even small products that require a dump bin style cavity, our displays can merchandise your products in the best way possible.
  • My brand is very different to the images on the website, how can I have brand presence?
    The displays have been designed to be an extension of any brand. With the ability to accept a variety of printed dress up kits coupled with the ability for the displays to be manufactured in your corporate colours, the displays will look like your own bespoke creations. You can even have your logos printed on the parts!
  • Are the displays recyclable?
    Most definitely. The displays are 100% recyclable.


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